In part three of this 13-part series of the greatest Mets of all time, we move on to position players, beginning with catchers.

Over their history, the Mets’ most stable non-pitching position has arguably been their catchers. These catchers may have worn the tools of ignorance, but there was nothing ignorant about how they played. The Mets have had all kinds of catchers, from premier home run-hitting machines to speedsters and defensive wizards. In fact, some of the catchers the Mets have had became arguably some of the best offensive catchers in history.They have all called good games and helped the Mets become a team that almost always has had an arsenal of pitchers.

Due to the fact that the Mets have not had ten actual legitimate everyday catchers through the first 49 seasons, the rest of the spots could only be filled by backups. Nonetheless, backup catchers have played important roles in Mets history as well. The Mets have certainly been blessed for having solid backup catchers in addition to a premier starting catcher. 

Josh Thole this year will become a regular catcher for his first full season. He has a good bat, a great contact swing and can get on base at a good rate. He lacks power, but also has good defense and a good arm. However, because he has not played a thoroughly full season with the Mets, he does not qualify at this point as a Top 10 Mets catcher. In time though, barring any injuries, he should get up there later in his career.

As for right now, here they are: The Top 10 Catchers in Mets history.

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