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The Best World Series since 1990: Where Does 2010 Rank?

Many a person have made “Best of World Series” lists in recent years.  With the conclusion of the 2010 World Series, it is time to rank the 2010 World Series with those of recent years. 

For convenience’s sake, I have reserved this list to include just those since 1990, when the wild card, PEDs, Braves and Yankees dynasties and the end of a few curses arrived.

I have ranked these series based on, not only on the drama of the series, but in the backstory and heart of the teams playing in them as well. With that in mind, let’s begin.

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Minnesota Twins: All-Time Greatest Lineup

The Minnesota Twins start their 50th season in Minnesota next season.

I thought it might be fun to choose the best starting lineup possible from the last 50 years. I also included the top five pitchers for a starting rotation and a closer.

There were a few rules to make the list. They must have either been a Twins player for at least five years, or done something extraordinary on the field (such as a World Series victory, MVP award, batting title, etc.).

They also must have spent most of their time at the position they played at, so I wasn’t allowed to DH someone who wasn’t a designated hitter during their time in Minnesota.

So who made the cut? Read on to find out.

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Minnesota Twins: The 10 Best Outfield Combinations

As the Twins head into the winter there are some questions that need to be answered.

Among them, who will be the starting outfield for the second season in Target Field?

Will Michael Cuddyer return to right field, pushing Jason Kubel to a backup role?

Perhaps Joe Mauer will move to left field in order to save the wear tear of catching an entire season, and Delmon Young would move to right.

Is Denard Span better suited as a platoon player? As the everyday center fielder this past season he had the lowest batting average and slugging percentage in his short three year career. 

I compared the outfield for every Twins team since they moved to Bloomington in 1961.

Here are the top 10 outfields in Minnesota history.

The ranking is based on fielding percent, total errors, and assists.

Home runs and RBI were included because, especially for corner outfielders, these are typically considered power positions.

The total wins for each team was included to break any ties.

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World Series: The Fall Classic’s 10 Greatest Moments

Of course we could all speculate on the greatest moments in World Series history.

But as you will see, I’ve taken moments from many different eras and tried to compile what I believe to be some of the World Series’ greatest moments.

Some may surprise you, and others were probably forgotten about.

Let’s take a look.

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