Via Joel Sherman of the New York Post:

Since the Yankees have been shopping in the vintage aisle, I decided yesterday to check if they had any interest in Carlos Delgado or Jarrod Washburn. They have zero interest in Delgado. They did check into Washburn earlier in the offseason to see if he was returning after missing last year. Matters did not go far. But if Washburn were willing to make like, say, Colon and Garcia and accept a minor-league deal then the Yankees would certainly consider bringing in the lefty. Remember that the Yankees talked to the Mariners about Washburn at the July 2009 trade deadline and found the asking price of a two-man package headed by Austin Jackson too much. Washburn was, instead, traded to Detroit.

It’s cool that Sherman looked to see if the Yankees had any interest in Washburn because I was wondering that myself at points this offseason.

He wouldn’t even come close to making up for Cliff Lee and wouldn’t even be a guarantee to eat up 150 innings, but he wouldn’t be a terrible pickup. Especially if he were signed to the same kind of deal Bartolo Colon or Freddy Garcia got.

Washburn is still 36 and a lefty. He didn’t play in 2010, but he didn’t have a terrible year in 2009. He actually had a very good first half with the Mariners that year, but after he was traded to the Tigers he had a rough time in Detroit.

Overall, in his final year, he made 28 starts and threw 176 innings with a 3.78 ERA.

If he could come back and come even close to that, he could be a big help for the Yankees this year.

The problem is that he might not be willing to come back on a minor league deal. I believe the only reason he didn’t play in 2010 is because he never got an offer he liked. It’s hard to see him turning around and accepting a minor league deal after that.

What do you think? Should the Yankees try contacting Washburn again?  Or is he washed up at this point and they might as well stick with what they’ve got?

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