All the Yasiel Puig critics are already getting started on their “I told you so” columns. The phenom’s poor defensive decisions in Friday night’s third inning allowed the St. Louis Cardinals to build a 4-0 lead in Game 6 of the NLCS.

Mistake No. 1 occurred following this Carlos Beltran run-scoring single:

Matt Carpenter would’ve come home under any circumstances, but Puig is to blame for Beltran advancing to second base. He missed the appropriate cutoff man, and didn’t do it with enough urgency. Beltran was already cruising into scoring position by the time the high-arcing throw even reached Adrian Gonzalez. 

Mistake No. 2 was far more blatant:

This time, Puig had an opportunity to nail a runner at the plate. This bullet actually beat David Freese, but it was about four feet higher than the Los Angeles Dodgers wanted.

All 6’3″ of A.J. Ellis—plus however many inches he gains from leaping—wasn’t enough to make the catch, much less apply the tag.

ESPN’s Mark Simon puts this disaster into historical perspective:

In defense of the polarizing rookie, this rally is mostly a byproduct of good fortune on balls in play. Both of the aforementioned base hits were grounders. A few extra feet to either side of Mark Ellis, and Clayton Kershaw wouldn’t have been removed from this game so prematurely.


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