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Admit it pessimists, this was an encouraging weekend for the Mets.

It’s okay to feel good about this weekend. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to your grumpy ways during the next Mets slide.

The series victory over the Yankees is a potential stepping stone. Nothing more, nothing less.

Johan Is An Ace


Tonight’s performance for Johan Santana is exactly the type of start he was signed for.

He was called upon to go against the opposing team’s ace, C.C. Sabathia no less, and was asked to out duel him.

Johan answered the call, going deep into the eighth inning. He gave up only one run, six hits, and struck out five batters.

His counterpart, was chased after five innings, allowing six runs (five earned), and ten hits.

A scary thought for opposing hitters, Johan is traditionally a better second half pitcher.

If he and Mike Pelfrey can continue to put together starts like this, the Mets will find themselves on the other side of .500, and climbing.

Jason Bay, Streak Killer


Jason Bay continued his torrid hitting. This time, he flexed his muscles a bit as he hit two home runs, and drove in three runs.

His second home run was a screaming line drive that went straight into the bullpen in right center.

Bay ended an impressive streak for the Mets offense. His lead off homer in the fifth stopped the two out run scoring streak the Mets have enjoyed during their last two games-they had scored nine straight runs with two outs.

The Rest Of The Lumber

Alex Cora started everything off for the Mets with a great at bat in the second inning in which he produced a two strike hit that drove in two runs.

David Wright drove in a run on an RBI double.

Jose Reyes, and Ike Davis each collected two hits.

A-Rod vs. K-Rod


Francisco Rodriguez has earned his pay check this weekend. Although he didn’t have his best stuff when asked to come in with runners on in the ninth inning, he got the job done.

Derek Jeter was able to drive in a run on a double that hit off the left field wall.

Another run came in when Rodriguez was able to get the second out of the inning when Brett Gardner was thrown out by David Wright on a very close play at first base.

Mark Texiera then proceeded to bounce one a mile high off the plate,  and get an infield hit.

This brought Alex Rodriguez to the plate, representing the go ahead run.

We were then left to watch a tense eight pitch at bat, in which Franky got the best of A-Rod, and got him to swing and miss on a change-up.

The “Wussification” Of Baseball Continues


I miss the old school way in which teams protected their hitters. Hit our guy, expect your guy to get one in the ribs the next inning.

Now, the minute a pitch sniffs someone’s jersey, the umpire’s warn both teams, and the next pitcher that hits someone is ejected along with the manager.

In the bottom of the seventh Jason Bay was hit by a pitch in the back by an obvious breaking ball that got away from Sergio Mitre.

Home plate umpire, Marvin Hudson felt it was necessary to warn both teams.

I understand the intent of the rule, but I don’t agree with it. It brings too much subjectivity into the game.

Let the players handle issues on the field. Not the umpires.

On Deck


The hated Phils come calling on Tuesday night.

R.A. Dickey will get his second start as he faces Jamie Moyer.

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