The 2013 World Series has been a memorable one for many reasons and has gone back and forth, but it’s sure to end with more excitement with the series’ final game (or two games) in Fenway Park.

Pitching matchups have made an impact on this series, but a couple of games have come down to wacky plays that you couldn’t otherwise predict. 

In Game 6 and potentially Game 7, many storylines—whether it be surrounding David Ortiz, Michael Wacha or even Koji Uehara—will continue to unfold and will decide who becomes world champions.

Let’s break down everything you need to know, as well as predictions, for the rest of the postseason.

*Game 7 if necessary


Game 6

The Red Sox are awfully glad to have won Game 5. Despite the obvious confidence in going back home for the final two games, Game 6 will be a doozie because of one player.

Rookie pitcher Michael Wacha has emerged as the Cardinals’ ace of the postseason, posting a perfect 4-0 record and a 1.00 ERA. His World Series debut was magnificent, with a two-run homer to David Ortiz as the only blemish on his 4-2 win. 

Boston is fortunate to have Ortiz rolling at his own historic pace, batting a jaw-dropping .733 on the series. ESPN Stats and Information broke down his incredible hitting chart:

Ortiz isn’t getting much help from the Boston bats, especially his fellow hitters at the top of the lineup. That was especially true last time they faced Wacha. 

One swing got John Lackey a lead in Game 2, but it’ll be tough for the Red Sox to get that type of cushion again versus a red-hot pitcher. The Cardinals will shut down the Boston bats in desperation mode, and their own hitters will be able to get up early on Lackey to force a Game 7.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 2-1


Game 7

Ironically, a season that has been all about pitching won’t come down to an epic duel on the mound. Both teams’ best pitchers will have been used up by Game 7.

Jake Peavy would be likely to get the start, unless if Clay Buchholz’s tiring arm holds up enough to convince the Boston coaching staff to give him the nod. Either way, it’ll likely be a by-committee performance to minimize the impact of either pitcher having a less-than-dominant performance.

The Cardinals could go with either Lance Lynn or Joe Kelly, but this game, as most clutch games inevitably do, will come down to the bats.

In Game 7, with no dominant aces getting the start, it’ll come down to which clutch batters come up big when runners are in scoring position. And you can’t shy away from the fact that the Red Sox have the advantage in that department.

Ortiz has been unstoppable, and a dominant pitching performance is about all the Cardinals can hope for to shut him down. With no Wainwright or Wacha, they won’t have that. 

Clutch-time Big Papi will send Boston into a frenzy by winning the World Series.

Prediction: Red Sox win, 6-4

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