If you’re a Cardinals fan who followed them from opening day this year through the second game of the World Series, you know about the bouncing ball that has been the bullpen. Well, the woes reared their ugly heads Thursday night in St. Louis.

Speaking of ugly heads, what’s the deal with the hole in Ron Washington’s Afro? The brother looks like Bozo the baseball manager clown, but his haters have to back off clowning him.

The media and some fans were all over his decision-making in the first game. Among several moves that some displeased people voiced, they criticized his move to keep Josh Hamilton in the third spot.

If Hambone had been moved down in the lineup then maybe the Rangers lose the game. He ended up being in the perfect spot to drive a huge run in the top of the ninth inning.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, need to lift their heads in order go get him and the other Rangers hitters out tonight in Arlington, Texas. Washington’s team will be at home and ready to feast on home-cooked meals in the form of Cardinals pitching.

The Cardinals are still cooking and aren’t out of it. They have been outstanding on the road this postseason against both Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Here are five ways the Redbirds can bounce back and reclaim their own advantage.

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