The San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers will begin the 2010 World Series tonight.  This Series has a much different feel to it for many baseball fans.  Neither of these teams was expected to make it this far.  In fact, many were banking on a 2009 World Series rematch between the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies.  Yet, this pairing shows how baseball has evolved, especially in this month of October. 

The Texas Rangers’ deadly lineup and a horse in Cliff Lee gives them the obvious edge on paper. Though, these attributes alone cannot guarantee a World Series victory.  Other starters will need to step in and help Lee as well.  Even the bullpen will be important for Texas, especially if these games are close.  To date, their bullpen has been awful this post-season.

The San Francisco Giants slayed a “giant” to get to the World Series.  They defeated the defending two-time NL Champion Phillies.  They put their own dynamic on the series and made quick work of Philadelphia.  Their pitching has been solid all season long and now must be at their best. 

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