The San Francisco Giants are regarded more for their pitching than hitting—and for good reason. They ranked 15th in batting average and 17th in runs scored during the regular season.

But while their offense was mediocre then, their approach at the plate is one of the main reasons they’ve made it this far in the postseason.

One thing veteran poker players hate is when they are faced with inexperienced opponents because they are aggressive and have nothing to lose, many times catching gratuitous cards in improbable situations.

The veterans will usually prevail in the long run with this risky strategy, but the new guys will always have a fighting chance, especially in tense moments.  

The Giants are an aggressive offensive unit. They’re not afraid to swing on any count or any pitch. Playoff pitchers are often fearful of that and become tentative, which throws them off their game.

That aggressive mindset is helpful in the clutch because hitters won’t be obstructed by indecision. They’re going to swing, and they’re going to make pitchers pay for any mistakes.  

Beating the vaunted Phillies and Braves pitching staffs and now Cliff Lee, who became the fourth left-handed starter to allow seven runs in a World Series Game 1, was remarkable, but it wasn’t that surprising.

After all, if you play poker, you know that anyone can win. And if you can make the other players second-guess themselves, you’re chances of winning go way up.

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