The San Francisco Giants are four wins away from their first World Series victory since the move out West, and playoff fever has infected millions of Northern California inhabitants. One may hear the din of excitement growing louder as the already-overflowing Bandwagon lumbers through the City streets, every minute absorbing new supporters.

I stand in awe at the vast number of individuals who have come out of the woodwork, eager to prove their allegiance to the home team by donning their favorite item of Giants-related paraphernalia. Several are quick to identify me as a kindred spirit and salute me with a friendly smile, a thumbs up, or a simple “Great game last night!”; and not a one will hesitate to include himself among the exclusive brotherhood of diehards.

But which of these so-called supporters has suffered and rejoiced through all the many ebbs and flows of this tortuous, torturous Giants season? How can we separate the real from the fake, the “all-seasons” from the “fair-weather,” the winnow from the chaff?

Here are five sure-fire ways to spot a Bandwagon Giants Fan.

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