Andre Ethier suffered an injury on Saturday, breaking a bone in his right pinky finger. Such is the consequence of taking extra batting practice.

Currently the Dodgers are on a six game winning streak, scoring four runs in the first game of Andre’s absence. Last year Manny Ramirez, the slugger who’s image is now tainted was unable to provide his services while serving a fifty game suspension. It was with contributions from the likes of Juan Pierre, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp that kept the team afloat during a time that many hailed as the teams time to collapse.

So far this year Los Angeles’ future is up in the air. It would be a great step if the team can continue to produce like it has the last fifteen games without the triple-crown leader.

For two consecutive years the Dodgers have made NLCS appearances, sweeping the competition in each Division Series. This is not easy to accomplish if you play with the odds of the media. The good thing for Los Angeles is that the team is continuing to mature and develop.

A team of stars to be, led by the likes of Joe Torre are being bread for one thing, winning. They are unsatisfied with something to prove and this just may be the time to prove it. Championship quality teams know how to win when a man goes down and that is what the Dodgers must do.

A portion of the team needs to continue to produce like it has, but there are key players that must amplify their game that takes teams to the next level.

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