Many MLB executives had hoped to use free agency to strengthen their respective units before the 2015 season. 

However, some of those higher-ups are discovering that the selections on the open market have become quite sparse. 

Thankfully, finding a trade partner is a much more reasonable task in MLB than it is in other professional sports. With assets that span over various levels, organizations are well-suited to make a deal with either selling or buying in mind. 

For teams like the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants, an offseason move could mean the difference between a playoff run or watching from the couch.

Meanwhile, squads such as the Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies can use a preseason deal to better situate themselves in the long term. 

The following slides will build off a few hot-stove rumors, with the goal being to formulate a fair and sensible trade for both parties involved. The state of each organization will be taken into account, and each transaction will be made in hopes of appeasing those expectations. 

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below, as these ideas are more of a blueprint to a potential swap and definitely not a finished product. 

Here we go!

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