Alex Rodriguez is set to rejoin the New York Yankees after his 20-game rehab assignment. But is the ensuing media circus going to collapse the sturdy clubhouse?

According to Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, the PED suspension appeals could extend into the offseason.

Michael Weiner, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Assn., said Tuesday he does not know how many players might be affected but that no suspensions are imminent.

For Rodriguez, that means he’ll likely be getting back on the field in the Bronx. Unless of course, he has a mysterious injury that forces him to the disabled list.

If not, Rodriguez is going to face the impending media circus, which is not something the Yankees need to be dealing with again.



The Yankees already faced this once with Rodriguez after he admitted to PED use in 2009.

His teammates stood behind him, believing he was a changed man and that he only took PEDs during the times he admitted to using them.

They dealt with the media as well, answering questions about how they would support Rodriguez during this time.

It was old then, and it’s going to be old now.


Same Story, Different Year

Rodriguez is once again involved in another PED scandal and he’s going to face questions once again.

His teammates will be faced with those same questions as well.

Focus won’t be a word that can be used around the Yankees clubhouse. The story will continue to drag on, and until there is a full resolution (players suspended, exonerated, etc.), it’s going to hang around.

What if the Yankees make the playoffs? Will that be a distraction?

The Yankees have a good clubhouse, especially when Derek Jeter gets back in the lineup. There’s leadership all around and there are certain ways things are done.

Rodriguez has been nothing but a distraction for the Yankees ever since he admitted to PED use while with the Texas Rangers.

From his shaky performance late last year to asking for a fan’s number during Game 1 of the ALCS, somehow A-Rod is always at the center of some controversy—be it on or off the field.

It’s no wonder the Yankees explored ways to void his contract.


What to Do

Suspensions aren’t imminent, as the appeals process will still likely have to happen. So A-Rod would be able to return once his rehab assignment is up.

While there’s no question it can’t get any worse for the Yankees at third base this year, bringing back Rodriguez is a big mistake.

Despite what general manager Brian Cashman is saying in public, it’s obvious the Yankees would prefer not to have Rodriguez in uniform and under contract.

Rodriguez may have a little bit still left in the tank, but he’s a clubhouse cancer.

Until he’s with another ballclub, the Yankees are going to have to continually answer questions about him and what he is or isn’t doing.

The best bet would be to let him go back on the disabled list and for the Yankees to hope and pray they can get rid of him somehow in the offseason.

A-Rod is not good for the game of baseball. And he’s not good for the New York Yankees.

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