After an early August sweep of the division-leading Cincinnati Reds, the St. Louis Cardinals have been on a crash course to disaster. 

In that span, the Cards have lost 9 of 14 games. Playing teams like the Cubs, Pirates, and Brewers, the Cardinals have been shocking. 

When will the sleeping giant wake up? 

The entire season, I have lobbied for the Cardinals lackluster play. I have repeatedly argued that they will figure it out; that they just have to scrape off some rust and will be back on top.

I was wrong. 

When the bats show up, the pitching gets destroyed. When the pitching is great, and at times it has been outstanding, the bats are nowhere to be found. 

Games are repeatedly lost due to poor defense and amateurish base-running. So when will the giant wake?

Probably never. The giant isn’t asleep, it is dead. 

How can I, or anybody else for that matter, have any confidence in this club?

In early August, the Cards looked unbeatable against the Reds. Lights-out pitching, consistent hitting, smart base-running and error-free defense led them to a road sweep of the loud-mouthed Cincinnati Reds.

The Birds then went back home to take Game 1 of a three-game series form the Cubs. Things were looking up, then SPLAT! Like the Titanic, the indestructible force was sunk. 

The next five games were losses. 

Even when the team figures it out and looks great, they manage to do a 180 and get back to playing like Minor Leaguers. Fans, players, and coaches alike have lost confidence in this year’s club. 

After spending big on Matt Holliday this past off-season, expectations were high in St. Louis. The pitching staff has dealt with its share of injuries, but trading for Jake Westbrook was supposed to fix that. It didn’t.

Without a run into the playoffs, this season will truly be a disaster. One of the worst in the last 25 years. And after a disappointing loss to the Dodgers in last year’s divisional playoffs, this is a tough time to be a Cardinals fan. 

With Cardinals possessing this much talent, one has to wonder if Tony La Russa will want to return for another run. Just pray Pujols doesn’t have the same mindset. 

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