There is no doubt about the talent that Jose Guillen possesses.  

He has a decent bat, decent speed and a pretty good arm.  My former teacher and hockey coach played against Guillen in single A, and he said that Guillen had one of the best arms he has ever seen.

Talent wise, Guillen is a player that any team wants.  But, there is a much deeper story to Guillen than his baseball ability.

He has been a problem in the clubhouse everywhere he has gone.

He has been released three times in his career, including after only three days while he was with the Colorado Rockies, without even appearing in a game.  He has been traded twice, and more recently he has been designated for assignment by the Kansas City Royals.

It is fair to say that if the Royals designate a player for assignment, especially a player that was hitting .255 with 16 home runs and 62 RBIs, it is safe to say that something is not right.

If Mike Scioscia has to tell a player key player to leave the team a week before the playoffs, one can say that something is not right.

If a player has been with ten different teams in a fourteen year MLB career, it is also safe to say that something is not right.

Not to mention that he has been linked to steroids and performance enhancing drugs during his days with the Oakland Athletics.

So, the question is, what is the next step for Jose Guillen?  

What team is going to be the next to take the high stakes gamble?

The answer?  


What team would want a guy like that?  It is truly a disappointing situation.  

A guy with a ton of talent cannot keep his head, thus severely impacting his major league career.  If Guillen wasn’t such a problem off the field, his career could have been much better.

Until Guillen can prove that he will not negatively impact, or in other words destroy a clubhouse, he may not join his eleventh team.

When is enough, actually enough with Guillen?

It may be too late for Guillen.  

But, in the end, some team will probably take a chance on Guillen, seeing his tremendous talent.  But, based on his track record, he may not be there for too long.

The San Fransisco Giants have been rumored to be in the mix for Guillen, but they are just rumors.  San Fransisco could be a good fit for Guillen to help repair his image—help a team in a pennant race win without any side shows. 

It would truly be a great story to see Guillen prove that he can be a positive member in a clubhouse, and have some issue free seasons in his career.

Personally, I am rooting for the man.  

I hope that he can harness his rage and help a team out the way he should.  There is no reason why he can’t do it.  

He just has to be a man and do it.


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