It’s time to make the move guys.

Don’t be fooled by Scherzer, it looks like he is back but he will still be a little up and down.

Same with Porcello.

Encouraging signs, but I want to win now.

This team is ready to strike and let’s hope Dombroski doesn’t go down like Inge on a called third strike. Take your swings Dave.

You guys know what I want, you read my two articles about it.

First I told you why we need him with the Does Two Plus Three Equal Oswalt article.

Then I told you why it should be Oswalt with the Maybe but Just Maybe So Far article.

Now I am going to tell what it will take to get him and it is not as bad as you might think.

First off, I doubt they have that big of an interest in Boesch. I know you guys love him but he will settle down into a nice solid hitter soon and nice solid hitters might not be a dime a dozen but you can get them three for a nickle in free agency.

The reason the Astros would have luke warm interest is where would they play him right now? Their Left Fielder is Carlos Lee who is stinking it up right now but the Astros are on the hook for another year after this at around $15 million a year so you know he is going to play.

The other two outfielders are 27 and hitting a little bit at least and after selling them to the fans as part of the future they are not going to sit either of them down,

The first baseman is Lance Berkman who is also in serious decline, but he is a fan favorite and while he is a switch hitter he hits much better left handed, just in case you were thinking they might platoon him this year.

The hitter they might have interest in is Ryan Strieby, the 24-year-old right handed first baseman who is tearing it up right now in the minors. It would make a lot of sense for them to platoon him with Berkman and ease him in for next year when Berkman’s contract is up.

What about pitchers, you know they want a top line pitcher and we don’t want to give up Turner and probably not Crosby either.

Yes, they would want some top pitching prospects back but they are in desperate need of a young closer, Ryan Perry should do the trick. The Tigers are deep in young bullpen guys so they could afford to give Perry up.

Wouldn’t they still want a starting Pitcher?

Sure, but if Perry is the headline pitcher we can offer say Andrew Oliver, the 22-year-old left hander who was the second-round pick last year and no, I doubt they would be interested in Gallarraga.

We do have to give up good prospects but that is okay. Shoot, I wouldn’t be opposed to throwing in Sizemore if need be.

The point is the pieces match, we have good young prospects where they need them and we have an abundance in those positions. I mean really, Strieby is just about useless to us with Caberra around.

Oswalt would put this team right among the top and a real threat in any series.

Let’s make the deal and let the fun begin.

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