The Mets are 37-37 and about a week from being halfway done with their 2015 season. The season got off to a great start and was highlighted by an 11-game winning streak. More recently, though, the Mets have struggled, and that is why they currently have a .500 record.

Fortunately for the Mets, despite their recent shortcomings, they’re only 3.5 games behind the Nationals for the NL East lead, while the Braves are five games behind the Nationals. The Marlins (30-44) and Phillies (26-48) both seem to be out of the race this season, so the NL East should be a three-team race the rest of the season at most. Hopefully, the Mets will do well enough to at least continue to stay in the race.

What exactly have we learned about this 2015 Mets team up to this point? Let’s take a look!

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