The 2010 MB Trade Deadline has arrived, and all signs were pointing that no really big move was going to be made ever since the Cliff Lee trade fell through. But Brian Cashman and the Yankees front office made a move that would have the Boss proud.

The Yankees completed their deal with the Houston Astros for Lance Berkman. Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes were the Yankee chips moved to Houston in the Trade Deadline move. 

But that was not the only move that the New York Yankees made this weekend. Late Friday night, a deal was made with the Cleveland Indians that sent Austin Kearns on the next flight to Tampa to join the Yankees. The player involved on the Yankees side of the Kearns deal has not been announced just yet. 

The newest Yankees will definitely provide a spark to an already potent Yankees offense. Berkman will serve as the Yankees designated hitter, while Kearns will provide some pop off the bench.

The 34-year old Yankees designated hitter did not play against the Brewers last night with the Astros, as the final touches were being put on the deal.

Kearns was pulled from the game in Cleveland. 

The final touch was for Lance Berkman to waive his no trade-clause to join the Yankees. In fact he did, and now, he’s making the move from Texas to the Big Apple. 

The Yankees successfully were able to make a big deal without losing top prospects like Jesus Montero or Austin Romine in the process. Melancon was a prospect that many were ready to say good bye to after he had a minor flop on the big stage. 

Yankees like Mark Teixeira and manager Joe Girardi expressed how excited they were to have these two great players join them in New York. 

Berkman will be with the team in 2010 and has an option for 2011. The Yankees will definitely take advantage of the valuable time he is with the team, especially since the Astros will be picking up some of the money involved.

On behalf of the Bleacher Report community and Yankee fans around the world, “Welcome to the Bronx, Lance and Austin!” 

UPDATE: Lance Berkman will wear No. 17 for the New York Yankees. Kearns will wear No. 26. Get Your Berkman jerseys while they are hot!

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