Cuban sensation Yasiel Puig didn’t get his moment on the international stage during the 2013 All-Star Game, but he’s certainly taking advantage of it in these MLB playoffs.

Puig flaunted his tremendous arm strength in the seventh inning of Game 1. His catch-and-throw doubled Jon Jay off of first base, ending a St. Louis Cardinals scoring threat: 

Let’s not forget that Puig had to bolt to his right just to make the catch. Against many other teams, David Freese gets a hit on that line drive, and the Red Birds would’ve been set up with runners at the corners in a tied game.

Turning that can of corn into two outs allowed Zack Greinke to escape the inning with a reasonable pitch count. As a result, he made it through the eighth inning too, thus preserving the bullpen in game that would eventually spill into extra frames.

Although Puig’s athletic feats continue to impress the masses, we’ve reached a point where nothing that he does surprises us. Actually, this particular defensive gem is awfully comparable to one he completed against the Atlanta Braves in last week’s NLDS:

The rookie superstar is spoiling us. Even in real time, the baseball world reacts as if this sort of defensive gem were routine:

The Los Angeles Dodgers would’ve struggled to qualify for the postseason without the 22-year-old. He batted .319/.391/.534 with 19 home runs in 104 games, filling a void in the outfield while Matt Kemp battled various injuries. 

Puig was also excellent during the NLDS (.471/.500/.529, 5 R in 18 PA).

Of course, he doesn’t necessary have to get on base constantly to help the Dodgers advance to the Fall Classic. This play reminded us of that.


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