In maybe the saddest day since the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals, first basemen Adam Dunn has filed for free agency.

The franchise’s (only counting the years in D.C.) best-ever hitter wanted to stay with the team.  The powers that be with the Nationals, however, didn’t want to spend the money to keep him.

For a moment let me address ownership.

You are the No. 4 team here in D.C.  The Redskins rank way above all else, then come the Capitals (for now), the lowly Wizards and then you.  The last part might be generous, the D.C. United might draw more attention (I doubt it though).

If you want to move up that latter, and with the Wizards’ struggles it is possible, but you’re going to have to win first.  Stephen Strasburg is out until the very earliest next September so, there go the ticket sales there. 

Bryce Harper is at least two-to-three years away from being able to come up to the MLB level and make a difference.

So what else have you got for the public?

Exactly. If you want to compete with the Phillies and the Mets, you’re going to have to spend money.  You’re in a large market that will sell-out your stadium if you are winning. 

The Capitals are a perfect example of that.  I used to go to Caps games, buy a cheap ticket and walk up to the glass.  Now I’m lucky to even get a ticket, and they’ve added seats this year.

So, Nationals, I’m pleading with you, please rethink letting Dunn walk and sign him, and while you’re at it, kick the tires on Cliff Lee and any other free agent that can help you now and in the future.  Take a page out of the Yankees‘ play book.  There is a reason why they have 27 championships.

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