We wait all winter for pitchers and catchers to report to Florida and Arizona. Then, at long last, they do—and we wait some more.

We wait for the final free-agent pieces to fall off the board, for any remaining trades to be consummated, for injury updates and for exhibition games to start. Then we wait for the contests that actually count.

That’s a whole lot of waiting. Which means a diversion is in order.

Like, say, updating five of the hottest questions currently sprouting from the fertile spring soil of the MLB landscape.

We have a pair of unemployed former All-Stars, a Cincinnati Reds slugger possibly on the trading block, a third baseman’s much-scrutinized waistline and a flame-throwing New York Yankees closer facing suspension.

Intrigued? Do some stretches, take a few hacks in the cage, slather on the SPF 30 and proceed when ready.

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