When Tyler Colvin tore the cap off the ball in spring training, many people though it to be a fluke. It’s now June, and Colvin’s batting average is still over .300, proving he’s got what it takes to contribute at the major league level.

However, there’s a big problem: Colvin can’t find playing time. He’s stuck as the fourth outfielder amongst three performing veterans in Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, and Kosuke Fukudome. And, although Lou Pinella promised Colvin playing time, those three have been performing too well to bench them a few times a week.

There is a position it would not take a terrible amount of effort for Colvin to learn that the Cubs seem to be offensively challenged at: first base. Derrek Lee is hitting .233, Xavier Nady is hitting .222, and Jeff Baker is hitting .221.

Tyler Colvin is hitting .306.

There’s another major issue: Colvin is the Cubs all-around best defensive outfielder. Kosuke Fukudome is the best right fielder on the team (possibly in team history), Marlon Byrd is solid in center, and Soriano is looking alright in left now that he’s abandoned the hop.

Colvin’s the most likely of that group to move to first base (my guess would be Byrd second). Fukudome’s just too good in right—and too mediocre elsewhere—and nobody would want to rely on Soriano at the receiving end of ground-outs and double plays. And since Byrd was signed to be the everyday center fielder, it appears Colvin would be the one to move to first.

Lou Pinella has said that he’s going to start lineups with the players who are hitting the best. And that lineup should include Tyler Colvin on an everyday basis.

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