The air horn prank, as a means of terrifying people, is one of the more reliable scare tactics in the anarchist playbook.

The target is alarmed, no one is punched in the neck (usually) and everyone goes home with a fun, dull ringing in their ears.

Of course, combining the air horn with any other number of surprising elements only adds to the pants-soiling factor, as Minnesota Twins bullpen coach Eddie Guardado found out after Monday night’s 13-2 evisceration of the Chicago White Sox.

Guardado stepped near his locker after the post-blowout revelry and was quickly blasted across the room by what I can only assume was a Coast Guard-certified air signaler.

Twins pitcher Glen Perkins captured video of the prank. Guardado threw up the Dez Bryant “X” and ran off. He might still be running.’s Michael Clair and Rhett Bollinger hypothesize pitcher Brian Duensing (originator of the locker room air horn prank) was behind the sneak attack.

Pray for Guardado, and pour some out for his collapsed eardrums.


Dan is on Twitter. He learned how to harness the power of the air horn drive-by in high school.

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