After the seemingly universal outcry calling for Trey Hillman’s head a la Alfredo Garcia, it would appear that David Glass could no longer withstand the cacophony of nay-sayers and forced Dayton Moore to kick his hand-picked manager to the curb.

As the three remaining Royals fans piss themselves in glee, the spurned mass of fans who deemed the team no longer worth the hassle look around, see that Ned Yost has been fingered to right the ship, roll their eyes, and return to pouring over their short list of teams that they are going to become fans of.

The reason the switch is so underwhelming at first glance is that Ned Yost was fired in the heat of a pennant race with two weeks to go in the regular season. That Brewers club he managed ultimately made the playoffs, but his management of the team was deemed so detrimental to the team that Doug Melvin and Co. had no other recourse but to fire him. All of this happened less than two full years ago.

I guess only the Royals could have the only two viable in-house candidates for an interim manager be Ned Yost or the man who challenged Shea Hillenbrand to a fight in the clubhouse.

In all fairness, Gibbons’s freak out seemed somewhat justified. After all, Sheas are the segment of the populace third-most likely to be douchebags after men named Chase* and Camaro owners.

*Apologies to Mac (the pertinent segment starts at the 2:09 mark)

“There’s no right context.”

Now the firing of Hillman came hot on the heels of the dreaded but especially effusive vote of confidence from Dayton Moore. I was just joking with Scott Lucas of The Ranger Rundown and The Newberg Report on Wednesday night that I would be surprised if Dayton Moore knew what generally came after the vote of confidence.

It would seem as though Glass laid down the law. For those of us worrying about Glass being too hesitant to can Moore when the situation becomes untenable (which many of us would argue has already happened), this should be slightly encouraging.

As far as the Hillman versus his replacement argument is concerned, Yost did manage his team to a winning record on more than one occasion. Yost also still has the interim tag in front of his title, so there isn’t as much of a permanency of the nightmarish managerial practices he has proven capable of in the past.

Really, we have to take solace in the fact that Hillman will no longer be the one making egregious mistakes on a daily basis.

Whether Yost fails or not, at least it won’t be the ineffectual Hillman meandering out to the mound to chit-chat with Meche as his pitch count approaches 130 with no sign of relief. Beggars cannot be choosers, so we just have to be grateful that SABRTrey is gone.

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