The minor league season may only be just over a week old, but there have already been a number of impressive performances put forth by some of baseball’s most highly touted prospects.

But not all impressive performances are of the head-turning variety—and they don’t all belong to baseball’s top young talent.

Take Texas’ Joey Gallo, for example. We’ve come to expect big power numbers from the slugging third baseman, so while his four home runs in seven games in a return to Texas’ Triple-A affiliate is noteworthy, it’d be far more impressive if he had done so without striking out seven times in the process.

Boston’s Aaron Wilkerson has done his best Pedro Martinez impression thus far, allowing one earned run and six baserunners over 10.2 innings of work while striking out 17 batters for the team’s Double-A affiliate, but he’s not considered a prospect, much less a highly touted one.

The only requirement for inclusion on this list is that a player appears on’s top 100 prospects list. Wilkerson not only fails to meet that criteria, he doesn’t even make an appearance on Boston’s top 30 prospects list.

Which top prospects have done enough to turn our heads? Let’s take a look.

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