New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow was signing autographs on Tuesday after an instructional league game in Scottsdale, Arizona, when a nearby fan suffered a seizure. The former Heisman Trophy winner told reporters on Wednesday that it was an easy decision to comfort the man during the scary situation. 

According to’s Adam Rubin, Tebow put the situation in perspective after he stood beside and prayed for Brandon Berry: 

Let me ask you a question: What would be more important, that I go to the locker room and I get on the bus and we get back a little bit quicker? In my opinion, it’s not even a choice. It’s the right thing to do. It’s what you’re supposed to do, in my opinion.

You just try to, in those moments, be there for people to help people. Because there is not a bigger, better, greater thing you can do in life than to be there for people in a time of need to help them.

Christian Byrnes on Twitter relayed a photo of Tebow and Berry as the events unfolded: 

“The guy that I was signing for, he turned to his right, and I could see on his face something happened,” Tebow said, per Rubin. “So then I looked over. I saw Brandon, right as he was getting to the ground and going into a seizure. I just wanted to be there and pray for him.”

Berry later told the Associated Press’ Jake Seiner he was OK after he returned home following a brief stint in the hospital.  

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