Open your eyes Timm~ay!  Why are they all squinty like that?  Why are they all bloodshot?  😉

A month or two ago on the road in Houston everyone watching the broadcast who was at one time a stoner could see it plain as day. Tim Lincecum on a day off was in the dugout as high as a kite.  

The familiar slack jawed laughter. The happy stare into nothingness. It was obvious.

Bruce Bochy the Giants’ Manager must have done what everyone else has been doing which is turning a blind eye. 

This must has been going on for a couple years now and anyone who has been a total pot head in life for a period of time understands how it affects you. 

Your mind is less sharp especially when you are not smoking/coming down. Nothing matters too much. It’s hard to finish things, like the second inning of Timm~ay’s last start.

After a bases loaded 3-2-3 double play kept the Padres to just two runs with two outs in the second, Timm~ay throws a first pitch fastball to Miguel Tejada of all people right down the middle. The two run single made it 4-0.

To be a pitcher you have to be a warrior set for battle. Every pitch in a tough situation is key; once you get a break like that double play, the pressure only intensifies and so must your focus.


Focus and weed do not go hand in hand.

Let’s not suggest that Lincecum is pitching high, but maybe he should be.

You know how in college they tell you not to study drunk or else you’ll have to be drunk for the test in order to be in the same mental mindset to remember what you studied?  Well same goes for major league pitchers who are so agitated from not being high that he doesn’t even want to take warm up pitches.

Mike Krukow the Giants’ announcer claimed he’s never seen this before as he pointed out Lincecum was calling off warm ups between the second and third inning. Lincecum was so anxious he didn’t even take his warm up pitches. The question is what did he do with that time?

As someone who works in the media, let this blogger assure you that the cable network that brought you this game is not cutting their commercial time short between innings nor is a corporate MLB umpire going to start the game until TV is ready… and rightfully so. There are contracts at play from advertising to Lincecum himself.  

So what does a pitcher do in that situation if he’s not warming up and yet the game is not starting? Just stand there staring at the sky?  Not even the infielders got to warm up as Timm-ay called it off for everyone to stand there and do what? What he would be doing instead of warming is beyond expectation.  

That same inning the game pretty much ended when Sandoval overthrew first on a tailor made 5-3 double play. 

Baseball is a game of ritual. 

That’s why every out in the infield or every strikeout without runners on leads to throwing the ball around the infield. It keeps the arms fresh and accurate and wakes everyone up again between batters. Sandoval’s errant throw in this case was a direct result of Timm~ay’s poor judgment in breaking the ritual.

Did I mention judgment and pot don’t go hand in hand either?

This blogger grants that the evidence used in this article is hardly enough to prove the claims made herein. The truth is the truth however and right now the San Francisco Giants need Lincecum to shut the door on every other start for the rest of the season until the end of the playoffs.

So what is the solution? Let’s be honest weed is fun. We’re all allowed our escapes in life and the pressures of being a Major League Baseball are gut wrenching. Still, there is a responsibility here to a community that when the weed starts affecting performance that the problem has to be confronted head on with a solution.

Weed and responsibility do not go hand in hand. Although, to use stoner talk, one can gauge their spiritual evolution in life by the amount of responsibility they are able to take on in life.


Tim, everyone understands that this is just a phase for you that you will grow out of.  The problem is that the fans want to make the playoffs and you’re not helping.

The solution Tim is for you to stop smoking weed for one month. 21 days is enough to break a habit actually. Let’s go for one month though.

Stop smoking weed for one month, and after that month, you can decide if you want to start again. 

San Francisco is a good place for you because the fans understand what you are going through. They understand this is just a phase in life for every San Francisco kid and San Francisco will love you all the same no matter what your decision Timm~ay.

At the same time San Francisco wants to see you succeed. San Francisco wants to see you rise to the levels you are capable of in this playoff run. 

A month without weed is all that’s necessary and surely there are plenty of fans in San Francisco who will join you in giving something up for a month so we’re all in this together.

This blogger will give up video games for a month. That’s this blogger’s escape which leads to a cycle of depression and fogginess. For one month from now, no video games on the phone in the home, at the friends, even the free arcade games on the floor at work. That’s a vow.

San Francisco will be in this with you. So comment below on what you will give up for thirty days in support of Timm~ay leading the Giants to the playoffs.




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