Professional athletes expect to get booed and jeered while playing on the road, but they hope to never encounter a hostile environment at their home stadium.

Detroit Tigers center fielder Tyler Collins recently had the unpleasant experience of getting booed at home—and it’s clear he didn’t like it.

Leading off the top of the sixth inning of Monday night’s game, Oakland Athletics shortstop Marcus Semien hit a routine fly ball to center field that should have been the first out of the inning. However, Collins lost the ball in the lights and had to let it fall in for a double. 

To make matters worse, Tigers left fielder Justin Upton dropped the ball right after he picked it up, allowing Semien to reach third.

The Detroit crowd didn’t like what it saw, so it let the players hear it. Rather than just brushing it off, Collins responded…by flipping the bird to the crowd and seemingly directing a profane message at the fans.

To his credit, the 25-year-old outfielder didn’t hide from the incident after the game. Collins faced reporters, apologized for his actions and took full responsibility.


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