Call him bipolar if you would like. Just in baseball terms, A.J. Burnett can be considered a bit bipolar this season. We have been witnessing two very different sides to the Yankees’ pitcher.

Burnett seems to be a different pitcher on the road than he is at Yankee Stadium. The numbers are glaring.

If we could pitch A.J. during home games only, he would be considered an All-Star and possible Cy Young candidate. Throw in his road game performances, and he is an average pitcher.

Keep in mind, Burnett has pitched in five games at home and eight on the road so far this season. He has completed 35.2 innings at Yankee Stadium and 48.1 away from the Bronx.

In his 35.2 innings at home, Burnett has given up less than a hit per inning—32 hits in total at home. He has almost struck out as many batters as hits given up when on the mound at the stadium. Burnett has 31 strikeouts at home. On the road, he has given up 51 hits in 48.1 innings and struck out just 29 batters.

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