Adam Dunn or as his teammates call him, “The Big Donkey,” is on the trade market and four teams are very interested in acquiring his services: White Sox, Yankees, Rays, and Tigers.

These four teams are in the playoff chase and need someone like Dunn to help them in the second half to either get into the playoffs or get home-field advantage for the fall classic.

This season, Dunn is hitting .281 with 23 home runs and 63 RBIs on a bad Nationals team. He also plays half of his game in a non-hitter friendly ballpark in Washington, which proves he has loads and loads of power.

The White Sox might need Dunn because he can play both the outfield, first base, and DH. The position he will most likely play is DH because the White Sox have a very deep outfield. They have Juan Pierre in left, Alex Rios in Center, and Carlos Quentin or Andrew Jones in right. They also have Paul Konerko at first base and he’s staying because of his great power. 

The only problem is the asking price for Dunn. The Nationals are asking for second baseman Gordon Beckham but the White Sox label him as “untouchable” because he has been swinging a hot bat recently and will be a great player in the future for them. This shows that the deal between the two will probably not be done, but there is still a chance.

The Yankees also need Dunn for a playoff push. They could also use him as a DH since that is the only position lacking on their team. He would love Yankee Stadium because of the short porch in right and that team fits him perfectly.

Just like the White Sox, the Yankees do not want to give up many good prospects. The Nationals want players like Austin Romine or Jesus Montero but the Yankees will not give up players like that. They would only be willing to give up medium-level players.

The Rays just got on the market for Dunn and they like the White Sox and Yankees need him. They do not have a good DH either and since they are much closer to the Yankees then the Red Sox they need him to maybe have a playoff push past the Yankees or at least in the wild card.

The Rays have very good prospects they could give the Nationals, including several high picks, and I think they will be in the race until the very end for Dunn.

The Tigers are without a doubt the team that needs Dunn the most. They just lost Ordonez, Inge, and Guillen recently and they really need a bat if they want to still be in the AL Central race. They do have a good outfield but do not have a good DH, which is what Dunn can be.

The Tigers have a lot of prospects, such as Danny Worth or Scott Sizemore. They could be in this race till the end and will make a HUGE push for Dunn.

The Team That Gets Him: Tigers

I think that the Tigers will get him because of how desperate they are for a bat and because they have good players they can offer. The Tigers will get a good player in Dunn who they can sign long term since Ordonez will probably be a free agent next year. 

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