Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Chan-Ho Park has been their most inconsistent pitcher so far of the year, posting a 10.80 ERA in five games for the Bucs.

Before he was claimed by the team, he was pitching with an ERA of 5.60 with the New York Yankees.

Manager John Russell and his team hoped that the veteran could turn things around and be effective out of the bullpen like he was when Park was with the NL Pennant winning Philadelphia Philles.

Pittsburgh is trying their best to find the correct role for Park who once was a dominating starter for the Los Angeles Dodgers, when he had 15 win seasons. Baseball fans do know that Park is now nothing but a reliever, but he still is very helpful to the team when he is on a roll.

John Russell did find a pattern in the South Korean native’s stats. It was that when he pitched on two days of rest or fewer, he has an ERA of 5.27. But when he pitches on three days of rest or more, the ERA balloons up to 8.10. He will need to find him a spot for him to pitch in games frequently without risking a loss for the Pirates.

Russell said about Park, “Obviously, he has good numbers, because he’s had success. He knows what he’s doing. He’s just not able to do what he wants to do right now. The more we can get him out there, hopefully the better he gets.”

Let’s hope Russell’s right.


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