The Yankees struck out 17 times in last night’s game.

Javier Vazquez only lasted 4.1 innings, allowing eight hits, six earned runs, and two walksmaking that two shaky starts in a row for Vazquez.

Not to mention that the Yankees were down 6-1 to one of the best pitchers in baseball, Cliff Lee.

Being down by even one run against Lee is a task within itself.  But down by five?  Good luck.

Lee was in total control in the first six innings.  It looked as if the Yankees were going to be in for a long night.  But don’t tell that to this Yankee team.

After being shut down for the most part of the game, the Yankees finally got to Lee and his 11 strikeouts in the seventh inning, putting up two runs to reduce their deficit to 6-4.  Lee’s final line was 6.1 innings pitched, allowing eight hits, four earned runs, and striking out 11.

In the eighth, the Yankees got one run back from Frank Francisco on a mammoth home run from Marcus Thames, making the score 6-5.

The Yankees capped their comeback in the ninth, getting two runs from young Texas fireballer Neftali Feliz on a game-tying single by Derek Jeter and then a go-ahead single by Thames.

Having mounted an impressive comeback, the Yankees were primed to win this game with Mariano Rivera coming in to close the door.  But it looked like Mariano was going to struggle for the second straight night.

Rivera allowed a triple by Elvis Andrus to begin the ninth, pumping up the Rangers and the fans in Arlington.  But Rivera being Rivera, he wasn’t flustered one bit.  He ended up getting it done in typical Rivera fashion.

This was a big game for the Yankees.  They gained a game on the Tampa Bay Rays, increasing their lead in the AL East to two games.  But the big story was what happened during this game.

Just missing their second three-game losing streak in the young month of August, the Yankees did what they were known for last season: coming from behind.

The gutty, gritty Yankees of 2009 made a return.  They fought back in typical Yankee fashion, a theme that hasn’t been seen much in the 2010 season.

Perhaps a sign of things to come, the Yankees need to ride this game into Kansas City, and do what they need to do against the Royals.


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