With Major League Baseball now 48 hours removed from the non-waiver trade deadline, we look back at teams that either made a move that didn’t help them enough or teams that didn’t make a move that should have.

We’ll go through six different teams who will be left out of the playoff races strictly because they didn’t do enough to help their team down the stretch.

With all the rumors and all the talk going on from the start of Saturday morning all the way through the absolute insanity of the final hour, it showed us who was serious about making a run this year and who just didn’t do enough to get them back into their divisional race.

There are several races still up for grabs, and while there were a few teams that didn’t need to do anything to keep themselves in the race, or even overcome the divisional leader, there were teams that made moves that didn’t quite help them enough.

Here’s my list of six teams that either didn’t help themselves enough or didn’t help themselves at all.

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