Inter-league play is over. Once again, the AL dominated (134-118), which they have done for six out of the last seven years. As regards the contenders, some notes first, especially in light of the uneven level of difficulty in the inter-league schedule:

• BOSTON: Probably had the best result for a team with a difficult schedule (five of their six series were against teams over .500)

• CHICAGO WHITE SOX: Made the best (big time) of a weak inter-league schedule (five of the their six series were against teams under .500)

• TEXAS: They too made the best of it, and well they should have. They had by far the easiest NL schedule of any team in the AL.

• LOS ANGELES ANGELS: Held their own with a relatively tough schedule.

• ATLANTA: Like the LAA, the Braves held on in spite of a relatively difficult AL schedule.

• PHILADELPHIA: A reasonably good result given the second toughest schedule in the NL.

• NEW YORK METS: Like the Red Sox, the Mets did well. Though their schedule was not quite as difficult as Boston’s, they managed to end with a good record.

• WASHINGTON: Blew a golden opportunity. Very weak inter-league schedule. Poor performance.

• CINCINNATI: The Reds should have done better. They too had a very weak schedule and managed only a modest result.

• LOS ANGELES DODGERS: The Dodgers had arguably the worst time of it of any NL team, both in terms of difficulty of schedule and result.


Here’s how the contenders fared:


TAMPA BAY RAYS (7-11) : Houston (2-1), Florida (1-2), Atlanta (1-2), Florida (1-2), San Diego (1-2), Arizona (1-2).

NEW YORK YANKEES (11-7) : New York Mets (1-2), Houston (3-0), Philadelphia (1-2), NY Mets (2-1), Arizona (2-1), LA Dodgers (2-1).

BOSTON RED SOX (13-5) : Philadelphia (4-2), Arizona (3-0), LA Dodgers (3-0), Colorado (1-2), San Francisco (2-1).



MINNESOTA TWINS (9-9) : Milwaukee (2-1), Atlanta (1-2), Colorado (2-1), Philadelphia (2-1), Milwaukee (1-2), NY Mets (1-2).

DETROIT TIGERS (11-7) : Los Angeles Dodgers (1-2), Pittsburgh (3-0), Washington (3-0), Arizona (2-1), NY Mets (1-2), Atlanta (1-2).

CHICAGO WHITE SOX (15-3) : Florida (2-1), Chicago Cubs (2-1), Pittsburgh (3-0), Washington (3-0), Atlanta (3-0), Chicago Cubs (2-1).


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