For someone with children eager to learn about the complexities of baseball, this Reds team is a dream come true.  My five-year-old son, who can rake by the way, constantly says, “Tell me more about baseball!” each time we watch a game whether it be on television or at Great American Ball Park.  Like most kids, he loves home runs, but is also interested in the intricacies of the game.

I have discovered his eagerness to learn is because of two main reasons.  The first, obviously, is because he loves the game and wants to play like the big-leaguers.  The other is his desire to find every possible edge when we engage in a titanic struggle of MLB10 The Show.

The 2010 Reds have provided me with many opportunities to teach my kids the proper way to play baseball.  Joey Votto is one of the best players in all of baseball and is having the season of his life.  It is a true privilege to watch the way he approaches every at-bat.  The way he spoils borderline pitches while waiting for one he can drive is absolutely incredible.

Brandon Phillips should definitely win another Gold Glove at second base.  His instincts and athletic ability allow him to make plays on balls that most infielders wouldn’t even get to.  However, I love to watch him make the routine plays.  It is absolutely textbook.  Phillips fields the routine grounders with two hands, and brings it right to his chest.  You can see the top of his hat as he looks the ball all the way into his glove.

Yesterday, Drew Stubbs started the bottom of the first inning with a double to left.  Chris Valaika sacrificed him to third.  Stubbs scored when Votto grounded out to first.  The next batter, Scott Rolen, lined out to center.  If Valaika doesn’t get the bunt down, the Reds don’t score.

Chris Heisey played a big part in yesterday’s win.  In the second, his hustle and speed turned a single into a double.  Ramon Hernandez singled, scoring Heisey.  The next two batters were retired. 

The Reds have made a point of going first to third on base hits.  With one out, Stubbs turned on the jets when Votto singled to center.  Rolen produced a sacrifice fly, scoring Stubbs.  The next batter grounded out, meaning Stubbs would have been left at third base had he not gone first-to-third.

In the eighth, it was Heisey’s turn again.  His attempt to go first-to-third on another hit be Hernandez caused an errant throw by Kosuke Fukudome, allowing Heisey to score the go-ahead run.

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