In today’s day and age, where obesity has become such a concern that the NBC show The Biggest Loser is actually one of top rated shows on the last-place network, even star athletes are taking note.

Over the rigors of a 162-game schedule, combined with six weeks of spring training and the possibility of an extra four weeks of playoff baseball, the human body takes on a heavy toll, so to speak. Stamina becomes a major issue and for players who may be packing on a few extra pounds, late season injuries can certainly become a concern as well.

To that end, many players are now working on offseason conditioning programs that address weight concerns and overall BMI (Body Mass Index), as well as strength training and flexibility exercises.

Athletes’ Performance in Phoenix, Ariz. goes so far as to employ nutrition experts in order to educate athletes on proper nutritional requirements that enable them to eat properly during the season without adding fat, but at the same time ensuring that energy needs and daily requirements of vitamins and nutrients are provided to aid in overall performance throughout the stress of a long season.

In this list, we will take a look at players in Major League Baseball who have taken to heart the need to reduce weight and body fat and make determinations as to who in baseball is The Biggest Loser.


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