With only 15 games left in the season for the Atlanta Braves, things are beginning to turn south.  Since the Philadelphia Phillies stole the lead in the NL East on September 12th, the Braves have fallen 2.5 games behind. 

Atlanta has lost the lead in ugly fashion, dropping back-to-back games at home to the Washington Nationals.  Losing two games to the worst team in the NL East is one thing.  But dropping those games at home is baffling considering the Braves led the Major League with a 49-18 home record coming into September.

The Phillies were the heavy preseason favorites to win the NL East, but the Braves were in the drivers seat for the majority of the season. 

If the Braves do miss out on the NL East Pennant they can still win the wildcard.  Currently ahead one game on the San Francisco Giants and three games on the Colorado Rockies

I’m starting to think we wont see the Braves in the postseason, even with a small wildcard lead.  Look at the remaining series they have left.  Three on the road (including Phillies)— where they’ve struggled.  Two at home—one against Phillies, who are playing better baseball right now, the other against the Marlins.  All against division rivals. 


Braves Remaining Series (In order):


@ Mets

@ Phillies

@ Nationals

vs. Marlins

vs. Phillies

*all three game series.


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