Terry Collins has been selected as the new manager of the New York Mets, a source confirmed to MLB.com on Sunday evening.

He wasn’t my first choice to replace Jerry Manuel, but I’ll support him and trust that Sandy Alderson and Co. have made the right decision.

Now the Mets have a manager for the 2011 season, there’s work to be done and Collins will have a busy offseason.

Some things will take time, such as learning how to deal with the media. Others might be a little simpler, like immediately moving Carlos Beltran to right field. Whatever happens, let’s hope Collins has a successful first year, because 2012 is when the Mets could really come into their own when payroll dead weight is slashed.

Fans, both before and after his two-year hire, have had things to say on the state of the club. James Stewart-Meudt said fans should just let events run their course as they play a “sit and wait” game. Sammy Makki has written a great article on what to expect next season and featured columnist Robert Knapel has posted a piece about why Collins was the wrong man for the job. Jim Mancari has also written an article about ways the Mets can look to improve.

Still, he’s here and he will be introduced to the media over the next day or two. Here are 10 things Collins needs to sort out as soon as possible.

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