Taking a page from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ playbook, the St. Louis Cardinals sent their rookies on an odyssey for caffeine before Tuesday’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Derrick Goold posted an image of rooks Kleininger Teran, Miguel Socolovich, Marcus Hatley and Mitch Harris to Instagram.

We also have a shot of their bounty: a surprisingly low number of Frappuccinos for caffeinating the “Cardinal Way.”

You can’t teach class, but you can impart on new guys the importance of blended ice, coffee and cream in maintaining the temple of the body.

Also, the rooks should be glad they were only sent to Starbucks. The Wrigleyville McDonald’s is basically a UFC Octagon with a takeout window.


Dan is on Twitter. Wrigleyville dining: the height of luxury.

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