The St. Louis Cardinals are sure to be wheeling and dealing this offseason.

The 2013 World Series exposed some of their weaknesses—namely production from the bottom of the order and a thin bench. And it’s been clear throughout the season that Pete Kozma is probably not a long-term answer at shortstop.

Luckily, they have one of the most enviable farm systems in all of baseball. But are there bigger names who may become trade bait to help fill in the blanks?

In no particular order, here are the five Cardinals who are expendable and would bring the most talent to St. Louis if traded. (You won’t see Jon Jay on this list, because although it wouldn’t be a big deal for the Cards to lose him, he wouldn’t provide much return.)

Read on to find out which players may leave St. Louis before the 2014 season.

*All statistics are current as of November 2, 2013.*

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