With more hype than a Paris Hilton sex tape, Buster Posey made his 2010 debut with the San Francisco Giants.

Before the game, reporters swarmed him to find out the truth about his mysterious identity.

At first, he shyly answered questions as diplomatically as possible. But upon more thorough investigative questioning, he could no longer issue denials.

“I am Ironman,” he calmly proclaimed.

The reporters gasped, and a few passed out from excitement and disbelief.

Seriously, the only thing that could injure Posey’s development is unfair messiah expectations.

But if Giants fans and media can follow Posey’s lead, it will be a cool summer.

As for Posey’s debut performance, he unfortunately didn’t do a very good job of assuaging expectations, going 3-for-4 and knocking in three runs.

Hopefully, he’ll go 2-for-4 in his second game.

In the end, baseball’s a game of failure, so even if Posey does as well as can be expected he’ll screw up 70 percent of the time. There will be growing pains, slumps, and unmitigated failure at times.

That said, lead us to the playoffs, Buster!


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