Ryan Doumit is not the X-factor that the Pirates want him to be. It is that plain and simple.

Doumit is serviceable with his bat when he is a catcher. He is a defensive nightmare this year at catcher though.

They decided he should try the field and put him at first base. His .257 average, eight home runs, and 34 RBI are very average for a first baseman.

Then we saw his defense and it was a total 100 percent nightmare there. So now they have decided to put him back into the field and currently have him playing the outfield.

The problem with putting him there means that Lastings Milledge or Jose Tabata are going to be sitting out.

Milledge was the one who got the hook last night. For all the flack Milledge has been getting this year he is having a very good year.

His .273 batting average is currently good enough for ninth in the National League, his .332 OBP is good enough for tenth, his .377 slugging is good enough for 16, and his .709 OPS is good enough for 15.

Doumit does sport similar or even better numbers with a .257 average, .326 OBP, .413 slugging, and a .739 OPS.

So you are thinking why am I making a fuss over playing a guy that has better numbers than Milledge. My problem is what is the advantage?

Doumit is god awful in the field and looks like a kid on prom night. He has no idea what he is doing in the outfield.

He lets routine balls drop in front of him and generally just looks lost. You add in the fact that Doumit only has eight home runs to Milledge’s three and there is no real power spike by making this move.

He won’t put the ball in play more as his batting average is 16 points lower than Milledge’s. Doumit only has two more RBI, 34 to Milledge’s 32, but he hits far worse with runners in scoring position.

Milledge is one of the best hitters with RISP. His stat line is a very healthy average of

Doumit only bests him in one category. His stat line reads .266 average, .377 OBP, .516 slugging percentage, and a .892 OPS.

Milledge has had six more at bats with runners in scoring position and still posts better numbers.

Then you add in the fact that Milledge is four years younger and this move is just maddening to fans. I know baseball is a game of numbers.

Most of their numbers are comparable and Doumit is even better in some areas but he does not pass the eye test when he is in the field.

He was catching tonight and hit the ball well. Hopefully the Pirates staff realize that he should be behind the plate or sitting comfortably in the dugout.

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