When Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr discovered that his New York Mets counterpart, Mr. Met, had joined Twitter, Sluggerrr decided to have a little fun by posting a picture with Mr. Met’s wife. 

Update: Tuesday, Mar. 11, 1:05 p.m.

Apparently, Mrs. Met is a hot commodity down at spring training. Both the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians mascots have a thing for Mrs. Met! 

Mr. Met hasn’t responded to the latest transgressions. 

 —End of update— 

We’ve seen mascots playfully fight, wrestle and taunt each other, but this makes it personal! Sluggerrr takes it to another level when he brings family into the fold, but luckily Mr. Met hit back with a zinger: 

Not much you can say to that, can you Sluggerrr?   

Well played, Mr. Met. 

[Eye on Baseball, h/t For the Win]

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