Roger Clemens’ indictment might signal the beginning of the end for the Rocket.

Quite frankly, the only thing most people have to say is, “Why?”

Why couldn’t Clemens just admit he was wrong like Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez? Why couldn’t he just take it like a man and let the truth humble him just a little bit?

Simply put, Clemens couldn’t or wouldn’t because he has a God complex unlike many we have ever seen.

Of course, that complex is also part of what made him so great as a player.

He would get in anyone’s face, challenge anyone, and more often than not, he would come out on top. 

He didn’t give a damn about throwing a bat at Mike Piazza or beaning anyone who stepped up to the plate and looked at him wrong. A lot of people probably hated him for that, but a lot of people feared and respected him and his game because of that intensity.

Not to mention, he managed to sit out half a season and negotiate a contract that did not force him to travel on road trips. So, in many ways, the God complex was fostered by those around him.

In many ways, Clemens was one of the best pitchers we will ever see take the mound. When it came to baseball, you really couldn’t question his God complex. He was simply that good.

Unfortunately, Clemens thought that he was not only bigger than the game of baseball, but also bigger than the justice system, and maybe bigger than life itself. He really might think he is God.

They say that things are bigger in Texas, but this isn’t what they meant, Roger.

That right there is why Clemens is about to burn in sports infamy, and maybe in jail too when it is all said and done.

Clemens is not guilty yet, and all of these are currently allegations, but the evidence continues to be overwhelming. 

The strangest part about it is that Clemens seems to think that he is above all of this; that he can just throw high and inside and it will all go away; that the judge will just shake his head and walk away from the plate, another strikeout victim to God Clemens.

I hate to break it to you, Roger, but this ain’t a game anymore. Your intensity and supreme ego are not going to get you out of this one. They are only going to bury you.

Clemens’ biggest strength turned out to be his biggest weakness, and he proved that no one really is bigger than the game—and certainly no one is bigger than the law.

Clemens deserves whatever he gets. He was just too stubborn to swallow the humble pill and admit he was wrong. That is all he had to do.

The craziest thing about it is that Clemens has not only entrenched himself in this uphill battle because of his ego, but his ego is only intensifying the wrath of the justice system. The more this seems to drag on, the more Clemens seems intent on continuing this fight.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons once referred to Clemens as the Antichrist. Many baseball fans probably feel that way as this continues to escalate. The only place on earth where Clemens doesn’t stir up these connotations might be inside his own head.

As Clemens keeps fighting this losing battle, he is proving that contrary to popular belief, he feels the opposite. He still feels like he is God.

That is why Clemens will lose the most important game of his life.

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