Before repairing the damaged hearts, fixing the broken city and rebuilding player personnel for the 2012 season, one of the big pieces needs to be put in place. Will GM Theo Epstein stay with the Boston Red Sox?

Well, one thing is for sure, Red Sox owner John Henry expressed that he would welcome Epstein back should he choose to want to return. 

During a radio interview in Boston, Henry gave his support to Theo and basically said the ball is in his court. So now that we know how ownership feels, will Epstein come back to the Sox and if so, when will he make that announcement?

There is a lot to think about for Mr. Epstein in this situation. The pressure level in Boston and New York is unlike anywhere else. But losing like the Sox have lost the last couple of seasons only raises the tension of the job. 

He could take it as a challenge in terms of returning to Boston. Fix what was broken in 2011, make sure it doesn’t happen again and reclaim the keys to the city that he owned in 2004 and 2007.

Or you can look at it in terms of the option of leaving Boston. To me, the only place Theo would go if he left Beantown would be to the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are in need of a powerful GM, one that can bring winning back into the hearts of the fans in Chicago—much like the Boston Red Sox were doing when they found Epstein. 

The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908! That is a longer curse than the one broken in Boston. Now in my mind, Theo Epstein is already a Hall of Fame manager, but think of where he would be if he could end the drought in Chicago. He would be a legend with a legacy that would be tough to match.

What will be the ultimate end decision? Well, only one person can answer that question, but if you ask Boston, Red Sox Nation and owner John Henry, Theo is welcome to come right back home to Fenway Pahhhk.

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