The New York Yankees’ Mariano Rivera is savoring every last stop amid his MLB farewell tour. His latest visit brings him to Tropicana Field where he was greeted by a beautiful sand sculpture in his honor.’s Bryan Hoch delivers a couple of tweets that show off the sand homage to Rivera and his walk-up music, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

Not quite sure that is a perfect resemblance for Rivera, but that would be picking nits, because this is an awesome gift for one of the league’s most well liked athletes. 

And really, the smile on Rivera’s face should say it all. 

As we have seen, Rivera has received gifts at most of the stadiums that he passes through on what is his final season in the majors. 

After more than 18 years and what is currently 645 saves, Rivera is calling it a career. Soon we will see him run to the mound in the ninth for the last time, the sweet sound of Metallica blaring in the background. 

At least for one season, we are all Rivera fans. Sports Illustrated has a nice breakdown of the various gifts Rivera has received so far. 

The San Diego Padres gave him a tricked-out beach cruiser, the Dodgers gave him a fishing rod along with $10,000 for his foundation. 

Of course, the best was the Twins’ gift of a rocking chair made of broken bats, via the New York Daily News

That cutter is where good bats went to die after all. 

This is just the latest example of what the league thinks of the Yankees star closer—a classy guy who has fans and organizations going above and beyond to send him off in style. 


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