The expansion of the active roster from 25 to 40 players on September 1 means something different to every team. 

For clubs hoping to retain a lead in the standings or make one last run at the postseason, it’s essentially an opportunity to address deficiencies by handpicking the top talent from within the organization. 

Meanwhile, teams that have already thrown in the towel for the season have the freedom to experiment with the lineup and audition younger players.

In both scenarios, the common denominator is the use of prospects over the final month of the season. Whether they are fueling a team toward the postseason or competing for a spot on next year’s starting lineup, the success of prospects in September usually receives as much attention as the playoff and MVP races.

So, whom can we expect to see in the major leagues when the rosters expand? Here’s a breakdown of the top candidates for a September call-up, position by position.

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