It’s not easy to find value on the MLB offseason market. 

Just take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays, who landed one of the best catchers in baseball but had to dish out a five-year, $82 million deal to bring Russell Martin to the Rogers Centre. Simply put, the top winter targets are almost always attached to exorbitant price tags. 

Still, teams around the league have managed to find good deals on both the free-agent and trade markets. What follows is the ranking of the top 10 MLB offseason classes based on value rating. 

The ranking criteria is simple. To crack the top 10, teams either had to find bargains on the trade block or the free-agent front. Some of the clubs that earned a spot did so by trading for big-name players who come with big injury risks. Others managed to sign impact free agents to club-friendly deals. 

The team that claims the top spot in the rankings didn’t just improve its roster, but its coaching staff, too. 

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