From rising superstar Carlos Correa to established giant Miguel Cabrera, there are no shortage of ultra-talented big leaguers vying for the top spot in the rankings of the best Latin American baseball players.

Before we run down the top 10, let’s first lay out just who exactly qualifies for this list and explain what we mean by “best.”

For the purpose of this exercise, only players who were born in Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking nations south of the United States were eligible for inclusion.

When it comes to the best, the idea was to rank the players who will be the most productive and make the most significant impacts in 2016.

In the ranking process, the most important factor was 2015 stats—both traditional and advanced. We also took the given player’s larger body of work into consideration—especially to help distinguish between major leaguers with similar credentials.

As it turns out, Correa was the youngest player to make this list, but he wasn’t the only Houston Astro who earned a spot in the club.

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