Nov. 1, 2010 in Arlington Texas, the Texas Rangers lost their fight for the World Series against the San Francisco Giants.  The end has left Rangers fans with a huge pain in our guts that we know too well, as we come to terms with the disappointment of losing the final game of our season. 

No one expected the outcome of the last five games, as all the sports writers had Texas to be the victor.  We have to give credit to our opponent. They found a way to silence the Rangers bats, and made our Ace pitchers look like deuces. 

While losing on the world biggest stage in Major League Baseball isn’t the greatest feeling right now, to keep things in perspective, there is a whole lot for Rangers fans to be proud of. 

To be able to lose in the World Series means the Rangers had to win a lot of games, something new for Rangers fans.  They are after all, the American League Champions and Josh Hamilton is our MVP. 

This seasons Rangers gave their fans more to cheer about than any squad before them.  And we will be ready to rally cry the “Claw and Antlers” for them the next season too. 

The changes within the Rangers organization that propelled this club to its new-found heights are only two years old.  A few kinks in the armour can be expected to surface when you’re going places you never been before. 

This was a young team that grew up fast before our eyes, and this postseason was valuable experience that will serve the Rangers in the future. 

We can rest assured that the brain trust of owners Nolan Ryan, Chuck Greenberg and company have put in place are not going to rest doing the shortest season break in Rangers history. 

They will do all they can to ready our “Wonder Boys of Summer” for another run next season. 

“Big Tex” Ryan and General Manager Jon Daniels have a huge uneasy task of keeping the players like pitcher Cliff Lee and others who made a big impact this season together on the Rangers roster.  The front office is crystal clear—they are ready to fight to keep our team intact. 

The team’s notebook of things that works will be extra thick this year, skipper Ron Washington and his crew will review game films to see where the Rangers could have better themselves.  Every position go under the microscope as they look for ways to get the bugs out. 

The whole Rangers management gang will take a long hard look at the Ryan-inspired conditioning program for the pitching staff.  Refinement of the stretching program can be expected, since the Rangers pitchers lack success in the World Series. 

The Rangers scouts will be at their best, ask any team in the League, in finding the best young recruits for the Rangers farm program.  Remember Ryan’s implemented changes reach all the way down to the farm too. 

Big changes are planned for sprucing up the BallPark as well. Greenberg wasn’t on the road trips with the Rangers for nothing.  He was checking out the other teams’ facilities to see what worked there and what changes could be made here to improve the fan experience at Arlington. 

Rumor has it the Rangers organization want to host the mid-season All-Star game in a couple of years, even more for Rangers’ fans to look forward too. 

Some of our players will go home to rest, some to heal, others will opt for winter league play, all will have a short vacation. 

So hold your heads up high Rangers fans and be proud of your team, and take a short rest too, for the 2011 season is just around the bend.



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